8 Best Places to Visit in Davao

//8 Best Places to Visit in Davao

Davao City is the major business center of Mindanao where you can find many financial institutions established their presence in the Southern Philippines. The city offers commerce as well as eco-tourism; it is the home of conservation centers, nature parks and resorts easily accessible through public transportation or a few hour drives from the city.
The splendor of nature surrounds the city of Davao on its northeast the majestic Mt Apo and Samal Island and the pristine sea on its southeast. Davao condominium offers a view of the well-known tourists destination in the country.
Davao Global Township is a mixed-use development is the newest addition to the booming real estate of the city. It does not only have its own one-hectare park but the other existing nature parks and resorts are within its reach. Davao Global investment represents business and leisure come together into one.
Here are the places where you can escape from the city lights and connects with nature with fun and educational activities:

1. Island Garden City of SamalM

Samal is accessible by barge/ ferry service or passenger boat where you will find 34 registered resorts offering powdery and creamy-white sands to walk barefoot upon escaping from the busy metropolis has never been this inexpensive and trouble-free.
Pearl Farm Beach Resort a five-star rated resort is one of these much-visited places offering a variety of activities for families and corporate events.
40.3 KM from Davao Global Township (DGT)

2. Malagos, Baguio District

In just an hour and 7 minutes from DGT (34.7 KM) you will find these recognized tourist attractions:
Malagos Garden Resort
A home to a museum of Award-winning Malagos Chocolate experience the tree-to-bar guided tour where you will immerse with the chocolate processing and later enjoy a hot chocolate drink at the bar. The resort also house butterflies and birds sanctuary.

Philippine Eagle Center
Is the conservation center for the endangered Philippine Eagle. It offers a guided tour, wild trail, birdwatching (bring your own binoculars) and lectures of the local wildlife. Here you will find flora endemic to the area.

Davao Bamboo Sanctuary and Ecological Park
After drinking hot chocolate at Malagos Chocolate Museum and visited the Philippine Eagle Center (PEC), spare some time to visit Davao Bamboo Sanctuary and Ecological Park is the recent addition to the nature park in Malagos, a 3.5 hectare botanical garden and home to exotic plants and animals in the boundary of PCE. The most prominent feature of the area is the bamboo dome and 26 species of bamboo from around the around. The place has a rest house where you can spend more time with nature.

3. Mount Apo

The highest peak in the Philippines it stands mightily 2954 meters above the sea level. The high rise Davao Condo offers the stunning view of the mountain but if you are adventurous enough and want to explore the grandfather of Philippine mountains there are package tour offered by locals. Distance from DGT 131.9 km.

4. Eden Nature Park and Resort

Eden Park is located 4.4 km away from Davao Global Township in the outlying district of Davao city. The place offers a picturesque view of the Davao City from the foothill of Mt. Apo where you can catch a sight of Davao engulfed with thick mist and the skyscraper peaks through the clouds. Aside from this breathtaking view, the park has lots of selections of fun-to-do activities including day tour and adrenaline rush sky-cycle for the more adventurous visitors.

5. Jack’s Ridge Resort and Restaurant

A noticeable structure at the Shrine Hills here you will find restaurants serving local cuisines with a band playing while you dine, a piano and KTV, swimming pool, cottages, amphitheater exclusively for weddings and other special occasions with charming scenery of Davao City as the backdrop. This place is close by the DGT its just 3.7 km away from the township.

6. Davao Crocodile Park

Another tourist attraction just within the city about 1.8 km from DGT is a home to fresh and saltwater crocodiles and other exotic animals, Davao Crocodile Park is a farming facility for the large reptiles and serves as its conservation center. The site is not only for tourist but also serves as a place of where students of biology and veterinary can study and get acquainted with animals not easily available in the university laboratory.

7. Matina, Balusung Diversion Road

Is a home to inland resorts via Maa road roughly 5.7 km from Davao Global Township.
Gap Farming Resort

A longstanding resort in the city built in the ’70s offering educational tours, it’s a farm within the city where you will find local fruits grown like rambutan, swimming pool for adult and kids, a function hall for business meetings and Japanese cave. The resort is decorated with sculptures of national heroes, the local folk tale of supernatural characters and local animals. Visitors will be welcomed by a huge structure of carabao with a farmer riding on it a usual sight if you live on a farm.

D’Japanese Tunnel Family Resort
Located at Hillcrest Subdivision in Matina is a three-storey hotel with a tunnel used by Japanese soldiers during World War II as its main tourist attraction. The tunnel was accidentally discovered during the building of the hotel hence the name D’Japanese tunnel. An international restaurant can be also found in the place with Chinese, Japanese and local cuisines available on its menu. Visitors are given access to the tunnel where they can find a sculpture of Japanese soldiers, display of antique Japanese money and the most fascinating was the intact old Japanese weaponry inside the tunnel.

Distance: 8.0 km from DGT
Forest Hill Resort

A resort at the back of a hill for family bonding just 5.3 km away from Davao Global Township can be easily accessed by public transportation (Taxi). It offers a swimming pool for adults and kids with fun slides, small canteen and open cottages in the area.

8. Hijo Resorts Davao

62.5 km away from Davao Global Township although this is the farthest resort included on this list it is one of the best and must visit place located in Tagum City, Davao del Norte, it is an eco-agro-tourism destination which spans 760-hectare estate of coconut and banana plantation.

Please visit the official web site of the places mentioned on the list to get more and detailed information.

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